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Bible Games
bible game OT books
bible game tic tac toe
bible game map locations
Bible Bookshelf
Tic Tac Tac
Where Was It Said?

Practice placing Old and New Testament books on a shelf. You choose how many books to randomly remove from the shelf.

Answer questions to place your X or O on the playing board. If you think you know your trivia from Genesis try this game.
Locate famous Old and New Testament locations on a map. When both players have placed their targets you will be told how many miles away you were off.
A great way to test your knowledge of where popular verses are located in the New Testament and to memorize Scripture.

Old Testament Bookshelf
New Testament Bookshelf


Genesis 1-5 Tic Tac Toe
Genesis 6-11 Tic Tac Toe
Genesis 12-25 Tic Tac Toe
Genesis 26-50 Tic Tac Toe


Where Was It Said in the New Testament

bible game wheel of fortune
bible game people order
                  Game Icon
bible game picture reveal
Spin the Wheel
First to Last
Bible Categories
Picture Reveal

Spin the Wheel is a game reminiscent of Wheel of Fortune. Solve the word puzzle that contains a Person, Place, Event or Thing found in the Old or New Testament.


Place 5 randomly selected people from the Old Testament in the order in which they are mentioned. You will be told how many are correctly placed.

Bible Categories is similar to Jeopardy. The higher the point value the harder the question. There are many questions for each category

The goal is to guess the name of the Old Testament person represented by the picture image. There are over 15 different puzzles programmed into this game to make it interesting over and over..


More Games

Moses Drag Racer

Raining Words - Ten Commandments


Gideon - Surround the Camp

Samson Soccer

Fishing - Old Testament Judges

Finding King Saul


Download Games

All of the games can now be downloaded to your computer, just click on the link below to display games download page.


PowerPoint Central
Fun PowerPoint games and questions from both the Old Tesatament and New Testament
PowerPoint Games and Questions

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Interactive Bible Maps

A great resource to see where important events occurred in the Bible.

Download Lessons
All of the lessons can now be downloaded to your computer, just click on the link below to go to lesson download page.



Bible Talk Lessons
with Professor Theophilus

Bible Talks are free online Bible lessons that include a talking Bible, pictures, videos, cartoon illustrations, and games. These lessons provide an excellent classroom resource, mid-week assignment for students, or personal Bible study. Click on the online Bible lesson you would like to view or click the download link to save a lesson to your computer:

Old Testament                
Bible Into & Creation (1)
Online Lesson 1
Worksheet 1
Answer Key 1
Quiz 1
  Solomon (18)
Online Lesson 18
Worksheet 18
Answer Key 18
Quiz 18
Adam & Eve (2)
Online Lesson 2
Worksheet 2
Answer Key 2
Quiz 2
  Elijah (19)
Online Lesson 19
Worksheet 19
Answer Key 19
Quiz 19
Noah (3)
Online Lesson 3
Worksheet 3
Answer Key 3
Quiz 3
  Naaman (20)
Online Lesson 20
Worksheet 20
Answer Key 20
Quiz 20
Abraham (4)
Online Lesson 4
Worksheet 4
Answer Key 4
Quiz 4
  Josiah (21)
Online Lesson 21
Worksheet 21
Answer Key 21
Quiz 21
Isaac (5)
Online Lesson 5
Worksheet 5
Answer Key 5
Quiz 5
  Esther(22) Online Lesson 22
Worksheet 22
Answer Key 22
Quiz 22
Jacob (6)
Online Lesson 6
Worksheet 6
Answer Key 6
Quiz 6
  Fiery Furnace (23)
Online Lesson 23
Worksheet 23
Answer Key 23
Quiz 23
Joseph (7)
Online Lesson 7
Worksheet 7
Answer Key 7
Quiz 7
  Daniel & Lion's Den (24)
Online Lesson 24
Worksheet 24
Answer Key 24
Quiz 24
Moses (8)
Online Lesson 8
Worksheet 8
Answer Key 8
Quiz 8
  New Testament      
Egyptian Plagues (9)
Online Lesson 9
Worksheet 9
Answer Key 9
Quiz 9
  Birth of Jesus (25)
Online Lesson 25
Lesson Guide 25
Quiz 25
Ten Commandments (10)
Online Lesson 10
Worksheet 10
Answer Key 10
Quiz 10
  Miracles of Jesus 1 (26)
Online Lesson 26
Lesson Guide 26
Quiz 26
Promised Land (11)
Online Lesson 11
Worksheet 11
Answer Key 11
Quiz 11
  Miracles of Jesus 2 (27)
Online Lesson 27
Lesson Guide 27
Quiz 27
Gideon (12)
Online Lesson 12
Worksheet 12
Answer Key 12
Quiz 12
  Last Supper (28)
Online Lesson 28
Lesson Guide 28
Quiz 28
Samson (13)
Online Lesson 13
Worksheet 13
Answer Key 13
Quiz 13
  Trial & Crucifixion (29)
Online Lesson 29
Lesson Guide 29
Quiz 29
Ruth (14)
Online Lesson 14
Worksheet 14
Answer Key 14
Quiz 14
  Burial & Resurrection (30)
Online Lesson 30
Lesson Guide 30
Quiz 30
Samuel (15)
Online Lesson 15
Worksheet 15
Answer Key 15
Quiz 15
  Paul 1st Journey (31)
Online Lesson 31
Lesson Guide 31
Quiz 31
Saul (16)
Online Lesson 16
Worksheet 16
Answer Key 16
Quiz 16
  Paul 2nd Journey (32)
Online Lesson 32
Lesson Guide 32
Quiz 32
David (17)
Online Lesson 17
Worksheet 17
Answer Key 17
Quiz 17
  Paul 3rd Journey (33)
Online Lesson 33
Lesson Guide 33
Quiz 33
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Online Bible Activities

nline Bible Word Search

Search for words online with these puzzles. If you get stuck there are hints available to keep you going.

Bible Word Search Puzzle Menu


Online Bible Coloring Pages

Color a Bible picture online. Choose from over 50 Old and New Testament pictures, you can save or print the picture to share with others.

Bible Coloring Pages Menu


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Cartoon Devotionals
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Bible Stories Revisited

Bible Stories Revisited are familiar Bible stories retold from a wonderfully written unique first person perspective. The stories remain true to the actual events recorded in the Bible but provide possible insights into the thoughts and motives of men and women of faith.

Burning Bush (Moses)
Talking Donkey (Balaam)
The Walls Came Down (Rahab & Spies)
The Least of the Weakest (Gideon)
The Whisper (Elijah)
Gehazi's Story (Naaman's Servant)
Love Story (Hosea)
Test of Fire (Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego)



Create Your Own Worksheet

Create your own workheet or newsletter by adding pictures, puzzles or your own text. Print out your finished product.

Class Newsletters

Fifty-two separate Newsletters that can be used "As Is" or downloaded and customized.

Old Testament Worksheets
New Testament Worksheets

Choose from hundreds of worksheets for both the Old and New Testament.

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